Event Registration


e-RegisterNow is an over-the-web service which gives your website the ability to conduct online event registration in real-time. e-RegisterNow can be accessed over the internet from any web browser. There is no software to install, no updates to worry about. A link is placed onto your website which might say, 'click here to register online'. By clicking, your customer then visits four registration pages on the e-RegisterNow server which all resembles the look and feel of your website. These four pages conduct the registration process in a safe and secure environment.

Our backend program contains a comprehensive set of administrative tools. Your employees can make cashier transactions, virtual terminal transactions, generate reports, and define an unlimited number of new events.


Conferences Day Camps Courses Programs Cultural events
Sports events Recreational Programs Workshops University Programs Special Events
Membership Insurance Rentals Donations Invoice Payments


If your company is in Canada or the United States, we'll set you up with a new VISA, MasterCard and optionally an AMEX account. We might even be able to use your existing merchant accounts to process your registrations. All of the transactions will occur in your company’s name and the funds will be deposited to your bank account the next day.


We offer full support, where we setup and test your events at $125/hour or you can setup your own events and make use of our telephone support where there is no charge for questions that are 20 minutes or less. Our customer support line is, 1 888 218-1020 x103

e-RegisterNow offers software for online registration, event management and/or selling tickets online. Simply place a link on your website and let the software and our setup team do the rest.
The service includes event management tools, powerful reporting and credit card processing.